Orla Barry & Rui Chafes

Orla Barry & Rui Chafes, Five Rings, Museu  Colecção Berardo, 2011.

Orla Barry & Rui Chafes
até 21 de agosto no Museu Coleção Berardo, CCB


Skipping alternate voices in my mouth
My message is nonverbal.

Each husband like
a coloured-in stick figure,
making jigsaws in his mind.

He is
becoming un-neutral.
He feels
he is about to be robbed.
He feels his soul is being distributed at crossroads
to evil spirits of low rank.
And time is burning.

It is his kind to chenge sex,
Mine too.
And it is said
that if both our skins be hanged together,

the air of male skin shall fall away.

By night is spring time,
oyster open to receive dew.
Then the oyster shuts its shell
holding the dew to feed its flesh.

I am enemy to the oyster.
I spy and wait till she opens.
Then I take a small stone,
and put it between the shells,
so that she may not close herself.
Naked and bare I gather the oyster`s flesh,
and feed it to the peacock.

Look at his greedy mouth
fed with dew of heaven.

I extract his secrets, so thet I can spy and
show the way to strangers.

The peacock spreads his long green tail
adorned with eyes, to face the sun
so that they shine, more brilliantly…” (continue)

texto via:  A Montanha Mágica

Orla Barry & Rui Chafes, Museu Berardo, 2011.

Orla Barry & Rui Chafes, Museu Berardo, 2011.