Mike Kelley (1954-2012)

Mike Kelley (1954-2012)

Mike Kelley, Photo by Frederik Nilsen © Mike Kelley.

“We’re living in the post-modern age, the death of the avant-garde.

So all I can really do now is work with this dominant culture and flay it,

rip it apart, reconfigure it, expose it.” 

Mike Kelley

Mike Kelley © Mike Kelley, installation view, ‘Kandor series’.

Mike Kelley, Installation View. © Mike Kelley

Mike Kelley,  Ah. . . . Youth! 1991

Mike Kelley, capa do álbum ‘dirty’ dos Sonic Youth.

Mike Kelley, Missing Time Color Exercise (Reversed) No. 6 (Order Adjustment/Resonating Hot Pinks), 2002.

Mike Kelley, ‘Day is Done’, Installation view.

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